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Are YOU passionate about Anime?

If you are, then we definitely welcome you to be part of the team! To provide you with latest and updated anime news and reviews, as soon as possible. That’s our motto. As our reader base are slowly growing, things may get tougher to keep up.

Do title your application as “I WANT TO JOIN!”. In caps with an exclamation, exactly as stated. This is to tell us that you mean serious business.

Please read the following carefully before applying.

We are currently looking for people to fulfill these certain roles:


1. Reviewer Experience is required with at least a piece of work to show

You will be writing first impressions, episode or completed series review. Having a good command of English is a must.

You are required to write up first impressions and episode reviews within 24 hours from airing. An important thing to note when writing reviews is that you are not to be biased when writing. Personal preferences, views and opinions are allowed, but you should not take too much of a standing. Be sure to list down the pros and cons. Most importantly is to keep an open perspective.

A minimum of 1 post per week required.

2. Anime News Reporter Experience is required with at least a piece of work to show

You will be writing about upcoming animes, new key visuals, new casts announced, new anime video game or any other news related to anime. Having a good command of English is a must.

We only want the latest news, and not any after 3 full days (72 hours) from announce. You will have to follow their official websites, twitter accounts, etc. Therefore, knowing Japanese will be a plus, but it’s not a must. There’s Google Translation after all.

A minimum of 2 posts per week required.

3. Anime Trivial Reporter No work needed to show

You will be writing on official polls such as top 10, top 20, etc. You can also write on new casts of upcoming animes. Having a good command of English is a must.

We want latest updates, and not any past 1 week. You will be following CHARAPEDIA mostly and might be required to look at other anime official sites, thus being able to understand Japanese at the basics is a must.

No minimum post requirement, but that doesn’t mean you can be slacking. You are to report on the latest polls, as soon as possible. If you’re going slack in the first place, then I suggest you do not join us at all.

Quality Control

The amount of posts slowly grows, and so does errors. We require you to proof-read for any incorrect information (and grammar) written by the writers. Not to worry though, as we have someone else who will proof-read through the contents written first before publishing.

Having a good command of English is a plus, but not a must. However, you are required to have a good knowledge in animes.

Social Network Manager

We require active editors for our Facebook page. Posts should only be in English, thus requiring you to be able to form a sentence in English. Simple enough?

You are required to post anime pictures and use appropriate and suiting context and hashtags. Past experiences in running anime-related Facebook pages is a plus, but not a must.

A minimum of 5 posts per week is required.


You can promote us on your social networks, blogs, etc. You don’t really require an application for this, but you can feel free to pm us on our Facebook page so that we can acknowledge whoever who helped in promoting us!

Is there something else you can do for us, but the role isn’t listed? You’re free to contact us too! Along with a description of what role will you be fulfilling and how it works.

Please note that this is going to be a long-term commitment. We would not want any half-assed staffs who goes disappearing after a few weeks. Be responsible. Do at least tell us know your reasons before leaving.

New roles may be opened up in future, so do look out for it!

After knowing what you’re in for, are you still interested in joining? If you are, we’re really happy to have someone as serious and passionate as you to join the team. All you have to do is to fill up the form below, and we’ll get back to you through the selected contact method.

Note: Applicants for reviewer and news reporter positions are to provide us a link to your work under the “Website” section. Also, remember to let us know that you mean serious business!