[Completed] Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Anime: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Synonyms: Your Lie in April, KimiUso
Japanese: 四月は君の嘘
Genres: Drama, Music, Romance, School, Shounen
Synopsis: Kōsei Arima was a piano prodigy until his mother died when he was eleven years old. The shock of losing her made him lose any interest in piano, and his life has felt monotonous ever since. Then, when he’s fourteen, his childhood friend Tsubaki introduces him to her classmate Kaori, a free-spirited violinist. Her enthusiasm reignites his interest in music and in life. [Source: ANN]

Review Ratings

Story [9/10]: KimiUso focuses on the world of music, a side where usual people have never seen. I myself, who was once part of that, could totally relate to the happenings throughout the story. Beginning with the end in mind, the hidden meaning in the anime title itself was well-thought.

I particularly liked the romance in the story, where it’s not just about how a boy and a girl meets, confesses and has their ups and downs in their relationship. Kōsei is just “Friend A” and Kaori is “the girl that loves my best friend”. With that, both parties kept their feelings for each other till the end. It may be a little disappointing for many, who hoped for them to be together, but I feel that it’s better this way. KimiUso also ended in a realistic way, which was somewhat sad but at least Kaori had her feelings reached the audience, as well as us.

Another plus point was the strong will Kaori displayed despite setbacks in life. She remained to be strong till the end. It was extremely motivating and just beautiful.

The letter which conveyed Kaori’s feelings was simply beautiful and touching. A conclusive ending, leaving no mess behind.

The only problem I had was the over exaggeration of many scenes. But after thinking about why they had to do that, I find it explainable. Imagine if Kōsei was playing the piano and they just show him doing that from several angles till the song ends. That would be plain boring!

Art [9/10]: KimiUso has beautiful scenes with appropriate colours which fits the setting and sound, creating the right atmosphere for viewers. Colours are being applied in the right setting, and the use of brightness, especially the light sources was well done and clearly amplifies the focus of the scene. The unique face characters such as the lips shows creativity, making it a plus point.

If you watched attentively, you would’ve noticed that Kaori’s lips darkened while she was hospitalized. It may be a small detail but that shows how much effort they put into this aspect.

Sound [10/10]: I’d say the soundtracks in KimiUso is the best. Right music pieces for the competitions and the situations. With an awesome opening by Goose House as first, and the beautiful second ending by 7!!. The ending literally left me tearing on the last episode when I listening to the lyrics and how it could relate to what happened in the anime.

Character [7/10]: Though character development focuses mainly on Kōsei Arima, we can see some of the supporting characters and their pasts, and as to how they are related to Kōsei Arima. So there is an attempt to create depth in all characters but I feel like Kaori requires a better back-story because her’s was rather vague, and what’s more she’s supposed to be the female protagonist. Even the supporting characters had a better developed past than Kaori’s.

TOTAL : [ 35/40 ] 

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is pretty much the best anime of Winter 2014/15 season, and it ain’t just my opinion. After much consideration with the reviewing process, I arrived at this conclusion. A considerably high score which could have been higher if not for the rather poor character development Kaori had.

Asides from that, this anime is definitely worth the watch. A happy start to a touching end, along with the beautiful ending song. I was glad I watched this anime as it gave me a new perspective towards music, and life.

Miyazono Kaori

KimiUso #3

A free spirited violinist, with a unique playstyle that suits her personality.

KimiUso #1

Rather cute at times, and loves anything that’s sweet.

KimiUso #4

Ah, forgot to mention that she’s violent too… sometimes.

KimiUso #2

“Have I reached the audience? I hope I did.”
– Miyazono Kaori

She is the female protagonist, and was the one who got Kōsei Arima back into the music world.

Kōsei Arima

KimiUso #5

A famous musician who dominated the competitions, no one in the musical world hasn’t heard of him before. His mother, who was also his instructor, drilled him hard everyday, making him a “Human Metronome”. The name came by due to him who was able to play a musical piece exactly as composed.

However, after the passing of his mum, he could no longer hear the sound of a piano due to the trauma, and thus he back out of the musical world.
KimiUso #6
After meeting Kaori however, he was once again pulled back into the musical world. She showed him a side to music that he has never seen, and thus was entranced.
KimiUso #7
He is Kōsei Arima, the male protagonist of the story. And thanks to Kaori, he once again took a step into the musical world.

Sawabe Tsubaki

KimiUso #8
An athletic girl who is part of the softball club in school. She always mentions that Kōsei Arima is sort of like a little brother to her, but little does she know that she has feelings for him.
Unable to bear seeing him in the monotonous world, she played a part in helping Kōsei Arima to get back into the musical world.
KimiUso #9
She is Kōsei Arima’s childhood friend as well as neighbors, whose houses are located side by side.
KimiUso #10
She is Sawabe Tsubaki, the second female protagonist.

Watari Ryouta

KimiUso #13
A childhood friend of Kōsei Arima and Sawabe Tsubaki. Very popular with girls, he has a sort of playboy character. Being named as the enemy of all women, according to Sawabe Tsubaki.
He likes Kaori and vice versa… supposedly.
KimiUso #12
He is the captain of the school’s soccer team.
KimiUso #11
He is Ryouta Watari, the second male protagonist of the story.

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